RME Policy & Goals


We never let our clients down as we always make replenishment order placements according to a system tailored to the individual needs from each company aiming at keeping adequate stocks throughout the year.


Our ambitions have no limits, but we try to focus our efforts to achieve in particular the following aims within the year 1999:

  1. Increase turnover by 30% in 1999.
  2. Rapid regional expansion.
  3. Opening new branches in some Governorates of Yemen.
  4. Strive for total quality.
  5. Exerting efforts to start export activities to neighboring countries.
  6. Registering new companies and items in Yemen.
  7. Appointing subagent for our Est. in the Gulf and some African countries.
  8. Focusing on tender business especially for those items which we couldn’t register them.
  9. We have lately extended our geographical horizon and opened a branch office in Baghdad – Iraq to cover some neighboring countries in addition to Iraq. We have good contacts and business relationship with almost every country in the Middle East and we are studying the potential possibility to establish a branch office in UAE.


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