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Since March 1999
facbul1a.gif (527 bytes)Rami Medical Establishment (RME) is a well established company dealing in the pharmaceutical field of business, medical equipment, medical appliances and cosmetics.
polabull1.gif (976 bytes)RME is a well-known name in the market and has gained accumulated confidence and reputation throughout the country for their well managed services and facilities such as the credit facility reaching up to 90 days given to our clients. Our well supervised ware houses and vans together with quality products, timely respond to the customers, and our steady commitments to the business have made us highly respected and recognized in the medical field and enjoy good confidence of the pharmaceutical profession.

facbul2a.gif (140 bytes)We have constant and successful sales track over the years and long history of controlled growth and development. Our financial position is very sound.

facbul2a.gif (140 bytes)We have good infrastructure grounds to cover the market through its three branches established in the three main and populated governorates of Yemen, with the Head Office located in Sana’a, the capital of Yemen, a branch in Ibb, and the third in Taiz.

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